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Thai Massage (Nuad Phaen Boran)

A fully clothed massage performed on a comfortable mat on the floor. The therapist guides the client through various gentle movements to stretch muscles, ease joint discomfort and increase range of motion. Sen energy lines and pressure points are palpated to increase circulation and balance the body.

60 min $95 / 

90 min$130

Prenatal Thai Massage

A modified Thai Massage especially choreographed to safely help the expectant mother ease through each trimester by stretching and alleviating muscle tension and other pregnancy related discomforts. The client will be bolstered appropriately to provide complete comfort and relaxation.

60 min $95

Thai Abdominal Massage

This unique and deeply detoxifying massage focuses specifically on the abdomen. Clients remain fully clothed and are invited to relax and lie back and relax. Gentle and deep massage techniques are used to free blockages and increase the flow of energy to the internal organs.

90 min $135

Warm Bamboo Thai Fusion Massage

This table massage is a blend of long strokes with heated bamboo sticks to deeply release facia and tight muscles while increasing range of motion and elongating the muscles with Thai massage techniques.

90 min $115

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Swedish or Relaxation Massage

A series of long massage strokes which help to relax the body and mind while increasing overall health and well being

60 min $85/

 90 min $125

Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage

 A firm pressure massage that works deeper layers of muscle tissue which

can relieve chronic or acute pain and increase range of motion.

60 min. $85 /

90 min $125

Also available:

Private Yoga Sessions

Private Meditation Sessions

Yoga Health and Wellness Group Coaching

Corporate and Community Wellness Workshops/Classes

National and International Wellness/Yoga Retreats

Contact Me for Additional Information


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I regularly receive Traditional Thai Massage or Deep Tissue Table Massage from Cynthia. The experience is always amazing. She really takes the time to listen to my needs and address them. I love that she has been in practice for many years and still passionately continues her education in massage, yoga and the other natural health therapies. Her compassion and caring always shines through during every session. I highly recommend her!

- G.S.